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COGS offers an extensive selection of Janitorial products. To view excerpts of our catalog, please select from the following Janitorial categories.


Please note that the products shown in these categories are just a small sample of our most popular products.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us at (630) 766-5400 or Sales@CogsEnterprises.com


Paper and Dispensers  (PDF 933 KB)

  Bags and Can Liners  (PDF 181 KB)
  Chemicals and Janitorial  (PDF 784 KB)

Enviro-Conscious Products  (PDF 579 KB)


Mops and Equipment  (PDF 714 KB)


Waste Receptacles  (PDF 468 KB)


Odor Control  (PDF 672 KB)

  Skin Care and Personal Hygiene  (PDF 611 KB)
  Food Service  (PDF 644 KB)

Storage and Material Handling  (PDF 281 KB)


Facility Maintenance and Safety  (PDF 645 KB)


Small Wares and Equipment  (PDF 317 KB)


Floor and Carpet Care  (PDF 711 KB)



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This is just a small sample of what COGS offers!

Call us at (630) 766-5400 or email us at Sales@CogsEnterprises.com


Phone:  (630) 766-5400    Fax: (630) 766-5593    Email: Sales@CogsEnterprises.com

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